Sea Mist Motel is Pet Friendly!



Important Information for Guests Traveling with Pets

Sea Mist is dedicated to ensuring the comfort and safety of all our guests and ask that those traveling with pets adhere to the following Policies:

Clean, well kept & behaved, non-barking, friendly dogs are welcome! Sea Mist has limited (4 units) and specific accommodations for pets. Currently only 4 rooms are available for guests traveling with pets.

To ensure availability be sure to call AHEAD and RESERVE a designated “Pet Room.” Our designated “Pet Rooms” offer you and your pet comfort and convenience and help safeguard guests who may be subject to severe pet allergies.

There is a $25.00 cleaning fee & $20.00 per night charge. A $100 security deposit is due at check-in and released after room inspection at check-out

Pets not authorized and found in non pet rooms will forfeit Security Deposit, pay all pet fees and pet must leave premises upon discovery.

We strive to deliver quality & affordable accommodations and ask that pet owners refrain from using guest towels for pets or allowing pets on beds or other furnishing. If you forget to bring items from home we have loaner pet towels and bedding. Daily maid service is required for all pet rooms.

Please considered prior to traveling . . .  Pets are not to be left alone in our guest rooms; Pets are welcome to enjoy the grounds at Sea Mist but are not allowed in the Pool building or Registration office. Pets must be leashed and under the control of a responsible person whenever out of your guest room. Pet Owners must immediately pick up “accidents” whenever & wherever they occur.

The Southern Sea Coast offers many delicious take-out options for dinner/lunch.

Leashed dogs are allowed on Wells Beach – please note there are restrictions mid-June thru mid-September when they are allowed only before 8AM and from 6PM-8PM

~ A list of area kennels / Doggie Day care facilities is available upon request.
~ If your dog is noisy or disruptive, you may be asked to remove your pet or vacate the premises. No refund will be issued.

Pet owners agree to be responsible for any damages/injury caused by their pet.

Packing List

  • Food dishes & Food
  • Pet Bed & Towel
  • Toys & Treats
  • Vaccination records ~ Owners must show proof of current vaccinations

We have a designated location for your pet’s bathroom needs, pet owners must pick up after their pets; baggies are provided for your convenience. Should an “accident” occur in your guest room please notify Housekeeping ASAP for proper cleaning.

Pet rooms are for mature and traditional pets (Cats & Dogs) only ~ no more than 2 per room.

Unregistered pets / or pets found to be occupying Non-pet rooms are subject to a $100.00 cleaning fee in addition to the regular cleaning and nightly fees

Each pet owner is an Ambassador for their animal. Please be sensitive to the fact that not all guests are as enthusiastic about pets as you are. Please use diplomacy to help facilitate a more pet friendly world!