Annual Expenses


Anticipated Annual Owner Expenses

If you intend to use the timeshare estate to stay at Sea Mist only, it is not necessary to become a member of RCI and your annual or biennial expense would simply be the maintenance fee payment, with use of the timeshare week only availing during the deeded ownership season and calendar year of ownership.

If you elect to become a subscribing member of RCI, you have the added flexibility of a much broader travel window along with the ability to select worldwide travel destinations. It is also possible to receive multiple vacation exchanges from just one deposited week. Additionally RCI membership subscriptions offer you the ability to take advantage of Extra Vacation Getaways and Last Call Vacation programs, which start as low as $289.00 and do not require an exchange week to utilize. There are added expenses involved with the RCI option. See chart below. The majority of RCI affiliates are dedicated timeshare resorts with extensive amenities, large units and kitchens. RCI also offers exchange trading power protection and use extensions as well as guest certificates, cruise and car rental discounts and more.

Maintenance Fee* – $440.00 Paid annually or biennially based on ownership (Every, Even or Odd years) Due Jan. 1 of each ownership year. *2021 Rate – Maintenance fee rate is subject to annual budget review/adjustment
RCI Membership – $109.00 – One Year membership subscription cost for RCI – Paid directly to RCI. You can save up to 19% off the annual cost when purchasing multi-year packages
RCI Exchange Fee – $289.00 Paid directly to RCI upon exchange confirmation or the initiation of an *ongoing search.
*Ongoing Search is highly recommended if an exchange match is not readily available. This offers a 24/7 data base search for an exchange match.
Total Annual Cost: $838.00