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Sea Mist Resort Motel Wells Maine

Renting Non-Timeshare Units at the Sea Mist Resort

The Condominium Association, subject to periodic review, allows timeshare owners to rent units at a reduced rate during designated times during the year, and subject to availability.

Through 2019 the rate is $35.00 per night with limited offsetting funds being made available through the timeshare budget. This privilege generally is not available during July, August and on holiday weekends. However even during the summer season there are some limited periods of time that have been made available for use by timeshare owners. The management specifies when and which units are available. Timeshare owners must call in advance to check on availability and be current with all fees.

Once a reservation is made, no refunds are available. Timeshare owners understand that this is a limited program, is utilizing non-timeshare units, and is subject to change or termination.