Rent Your Timeshare

Rental of Your Timeshare Estate in Pooled Income Program

There are a limited number of weeks available for the rental pool during the peak season. Rental weeks are limited to one rental unit and week per deeded timeshare owner. All weekly owners making this selection will be placed in a Rental Pool and will share equally in the income generated for the rental SEASON indicated (RED, WHITE or BLUE) in a given year. Income will be distributed to all weekly renters on the following dates based on ownership type: Spring Blue & White weeks by June 15th, ALL Red weeks by November 15th, and Fall Blue & White weeks by December 15th of the year indicated on the executed rental agreement.

Hot Tub Make sure all fees are current for the period of intended use.
Submit your Statement/Invoice with payment indicating RENTAL POOL because income is pooled by SEASON it is not necessary to specify a week selection, you may do if you wish, however, it will not impact the income distribution.
Your week assignment will be issued based on your ownership type and selection choices
You will receive by mail, Rental Agreements that must be signed and returned to MH Inc. within 30 days but no later than May 15th to be eligible for entry into the rental pool.

Although rental is a possible use of your unit, the resort believes that this is not the best use of your timeshare week and does not recommend this choice. During much of the year, your rental income probably will not be significant. You will receive a much higher value for your vacation ownership by either using it at the resort, or using it to exchange through the RCI system. As is outlined in the closing documents provided at purchase “Sea Mist Resort makes no representation to any resale or rental market for interval ownership purchase. The interval ownership is intended for vacation purposes only and not as an investment. Any rental shall be the exclusive responsibility of the Purchaser unless said Purchaser executes a properly authorized agreement with any duly licensed Realtor or the Management Company at Sea Mist.”