Timeshare Use Guide



Options for the use of your timeshare estate. Owners should familiarize themselves with all options and make sure they fully understand the various aspects of each option. If you have additional questions you can contact Stacy Lane at 239-789-1150 or by email at [email protected].

Any use of your timeshare estate is contingent upon all fees being current for the period of your intended use. You may pay your maintenance fees up to two years in advance, which allows you to have weeks assigned well in advance of desired use. All weeks are assigned on a first come, first serve basis (upon receipt of the maintenance fee payment for the requested year).

All Use Types and assignment requests are processed as follows:
1. Make sure all fees are current for the period of intended use, including FUTURE year requests.

2. Submit your Statement/Invoice & payment indicating your desired USE TYPE and DATE SELECTIONS.

3. Week assignment will be issue based on ownership type and selection choices submitted upon receipt of payment. Weeks are assigned on a first come, first served basis and are assigned from the CALENDAR YEAR of ownership

You can request any week that the resort is open as long as you remain within your seasonal designation (red, white, or blue) or a lower seasonal designation. Owners of blue weeks may request only blue weeks; owners of white weeks may request white or blue weeks; and, owners of red weeks may request red, white, or blue weeks..

If NO use type or date selection is indicated with payment, a week assignment will be issued automatically based upon your ownership type. Owners with active RCI Spacebank accounts will have the automatic week assignment deposited directly to their RCI Spacebank account. Owners with inactive RCI Spacebank accounts will be issued a week assignment for use at Sea Mist that must be utilized during the calendar year of ownership..

4. Once your week assignment has been issued, you will receive written confirmation directly from Sea Mist or RCI.

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